Which kind of wool is the warmest?

To be precise, wool does not create heat itself, but retains our own body heat. This is a unique property that cannot be matched by any synthetic textile. Additionally, wool has the ability to wick away moisture, keeping our bodies dry and insulated. This provides comfort and can even have a healing effect. For simplicity, let’s call these properties of wool ‘warmth’. So which type of wool is the warmest?


Jak wool tops our list as the warmest type of wool. This is confirmed not only by subjective opinions, but also by scientific research. For example, the US research centre The Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute found that yak wool retains heat 17% better than cashmere.


Camel hair is the second warmest. The special density of camel wool fibre has special heat-insulating properties. The high content of natural lanolin, which is retained even during industrial processing, provides extra moisture absorption.


Cashmere, a type of wool extracted from cashmere goats, ranks only third in terms of its ability to retain heat.


Merino wool ranks fourth and is the warmest among sheep’s wool. Although it is not as warm as the above types of wool, it is cheaper and more common.

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