Merino Blanket BERRIES & HONEY

Warm double-sided wool blanket made with a soft and generous layer of Merino wool. The small amount of nylon helps improve durability and keep weight down. Finished with hand-made look overhand stitch1.



140 x 200 cm; 220 x 200 cm


Made in Europe




Zachtheid van een plaid of deken hangt van de dikte van wolvezels af. Deze verschilt per wolsoort.


Warmth is mainly determined by its density. The higher the density, the warmer a plaid or blanket is.

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  • Size140 x 200 cm; 220 x 200 cm
  • Densityca. 600 g/m2
  • ProducedMade in Europe
  • CertificationOeko-tex
  • Material80% Merino wool, 20% nylon
  • Treatment

    Dry cleaning is preferable.


  • Washing instruction
    • Dry cleaning tetrachloroethylene
    • Wool wash programme at max. 30ºC
    • Do not use bleach
    • Do not use a drying machine
    • Do not iron
  • Tips:

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